Top 3 Cancer-Fighting Foods that Can be Consumed Daily

There is a big range of cancer-fighting foods that protects development and growth of cancerous elements, if any. Here are 3 foods that can be had almost daily.

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Food is essential for living; it fuels us, gives us nutrients, fiber, energy and everything our body needs! Life on earth, not only for humans but for every living being, is impossible without food. Being human, an average person consumes between 60,000 and 100,000 lbs. in the lifetime! Need not to say, food that we eat should be healthy but some of it really isn’t. Eating unhealthy foods in our diet can lead us to all sorts of minor and major health problems like acid reflux disease to cancer.

Currently, one of the biggest threats to our lives is cancer. Cancer is one disease that can develop in any part of the body. Taking few precautions and adding healthy foods to our diet is the best way to avoid cancer and lead a healthy life. That being said, three healthy foods that may aid in the fight against cancer, when consumed over the course of your life, may help prevent some types of cancer.


Garlic is famous for bad breath and keeping body warm. Eating garlic can help prevent cancer of the stomach, colon, esophagus, and breast because it contains Allyl sulfur compounds. These ASCs are responsible for giving garlic its cancer-preventing qualities. These compounds delay the tumor growth, which is the main cause of death by cancer. If available, prefer eating organic garlic to have maximum benefits of its natural anti-cancer properties.
Garlic becomes more effective in treatment due to a chemical reaction that happens when it is left for about fifteen or twenty minutes after peeling. So, before you consume or cook it, leave it for sometime as this will allow the chemical reaction enough time to take place.

Just remember to brush your teeth or have mint to avoid bad breath!

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