This Schoolboy Just Turned Down a $30 Million Offer for His Invention

This schoolboy has come up with a genius idea and he’s not letting a $30 million offer take it away from him. 14-year-old Taylor Rosenthal from Alabama came up with the idea of creating vending machines that dispense first aid kits.

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He told CNN Money: “Every time I’d travel for a baseball tournament in Alabama, I’d notice that kids would get hurt and parents couldn’t find a band aid. I wanted to solve that.”

So he did. He launched his start-up and named it RecMed.

1Turned Down $30 Million Offer

Before launching his start-up, this 14-year-old was offered $30 million from a ‘large national healthcare company’ to buy the idea. He turned it down, like a boss. Instead, Taylor managed to raise nearly $100,000 in angel investments and plans to make money by selling the machines for around $5,500.