Here’s What No One Tells You About Having Both Depression and Anxiety

Caring both too much and not at all means never winning. Anxiety and depression affect everyone differently — but dealing with both is extremely common. Nearly one-half of people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety and depression are deeply personal, and although this list represents only one experience, we hope you find some solace in knowing others might be going through what you are.

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2It’s believing that every canceled plan will end your friendships, but not having it in you to follow through.

2a. It’s feeling hopelessly low that you’re still goddamn single, but canceling every first date because the thought of going through with it gives you heart palpitations.

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2b. It’s fearing every day that your partner will get fed up and leave, but your anxiety whispering in your ear that they deserve better and should.

2c. It’s ignoring texts and turning down invitations, and it’s aching when the texts and invitations stop.

2d. It’s the constant fear of winding up alone, but accidentally isolating yourself because you sometimes just need to hide from it all.