9 Signs of Gluten Intolerance You Shouldn’t Ignore

Gluten sensitivity or intolerance is a condition that causes a person to react after ingesting gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Symptoms can vary widely and can include gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, fatigue, depression, etc.

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Also, it should be understood that gluten sensitivity/intolerance is different from celiac disease. While gluten sensitivity is a clinical entity induced by the ingestion of gluten leading to intestinal and/or extraintestinal symptoms that resolve once the gluten-containing foodstuff is eliminated from the diet, celiac disease is a well defined, serious illness where the body’s immune system attacks itself when gluten is eaten. Celiac disease is not a food allergy or intolerance, it is an autoimmune disease.

Right from neurological symptoms to ones that show up on the skin, here are the 9 signs of gluten intolerance you must never ignore. Get yourself checked for gluten intolerance if you have any of these symptoms! And, do not forget to share this with the ones you love!

1Neurological Symptoms

Headaches, migraines, dizziness, and brain fog are Neurologic symptoms of Gluten Intolerance. Headaches are very common symptoms of gluten sensitivity, which are also signs of dehydration and consuming too much soda. It can often evolve into migraines, and though not all cases of persistent headaches or migraines are related to gluten, it’s usually a significant cause for some people. Eliminating gluten from your diet can bring about great relief. Dizziness, having trouble balancing or suddenly feeling off balance is another symptom of gluten intolerance. On the other hand, if you feel disconnected, realize yourself frequently logged out and unable to think clearly, you might have a foggy brain that’s caused by Gluten Intolerance.