Top 10 Ways to Get More Storage Out of a Small Closet

You don’t need special magic tricks to create more storage space out of your tiny closet. If you still have no idea how you can squeeze everything in, while keeping everything neat and organized, we have a few ideas that can help.

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They’re very easy and quick to do, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on handymen or renovation work.

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1Hook Those Heels

A clever and neat way to store those high heels and save up valuable closet space is by hooking them up on the closet wall. You can easily install rods or rails against the wall, the number depending on how many pairs of high heels you have. This not only frees up your closet floor and shelves from shoe boxes. You also can easily pick which pair to wear and then return them back to their proper place with no hassle.