Ever Thought Why Cops Touch Your Car’s Tail-light After Pulling You Over?

Well, you must have noticed, but never pondered over it, that cops always touch your car’s tail-light after they pull you over. Ever wondered why they do so? Cops do many such strategic things and this is just one of them. They are trained to handle even the worst case scenarios.

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So, let’s know the reason behind their infamous action of tapping the tail-light. Scroll through the pages to know different reasons!

4History Behind Tail-Light Tapping

As explained by Mr. Marilyn Caylor from LifeAspire dot com, “the ritual of touching a tail light actually goes back to the good old days of policing the highways. Before the invention of dash cams, policemen were super sneaky with their tactics. But don’t worry, they weren’t crooked cops or doing anything illegal. In fact, these law enforcement officers were actually hoping to catch the driver or passengers unawares. You see, it’s not uncommon for people to try and hide their illicit drugs or guns right after they are pulled over by a cop. Tapping the tail light has the benefit of startling these criminals before they can finish hiding their stash of ill-gotten goods.”