Mom Buys Curtain Rods and Uses Them in Ways I Never Expected. Here are 8 Great Ideas!

This write-up has been originally written by Jeremy Brown and has been taken from shareably dot net.

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Houses naturally will get more cluttered over time. It is simply inevitable. However, for those of us who do not have the luxury of a large home, it’s important to be space-efficient and stay organized. If a house gets too messy, then it can be nearly impossible to find anything.

Fortunately, there are creative ways to use curtain, shower, and towel rods to stay organized around the house. These solutions are all easy to do, and they won’t cost you very much money.

2Stocking Rod

Rods are meant to be used as hangers, so why not hang your Christmas stockings on them? They can be a great addition to the living room fireplace, and you can even decorate them year-round.