After Reading This, You Will Never Throw Away the Used Tea Bags, Again!

Well, who chooses to keep the teabags safe one they are done with it? Frankly, even I used to throw away the teabags when I didn’t know their use.

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Well, now I know that teabags should not be merely be considered as teabags, for they can be used for variety of other things.

I came to know that “used” teabags can be “reused” actually. Not only these help us cure some health problems, but can also prove to be greatly helpful in things we do on a regular basis – like in our kitchen.

So, have been throwing your used teabags away? Just DON’T! Why? Here are the top reasons! Share!

2Marinate Meat

In order to prevent the meat from getting hard and resilient, marinate it with already-used teabags. The tea’s aroma will make the meat’s taste richer and it will also make it softer.

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