5 Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Every Woman Must Know

Often the symptoms related to any cancer are so subtle that they just feel like routine botheration, with people ending up ignoring them. These symptoms will just come up some day all of a sudden and then go away without giving much of trouble, again to be ignored as a common day-to-day annoyance. In most of the cases, by the time symptoms start showing up more regularly and are considered a significant issue, the disease has spread. Yes, we are talking about various symptoms of cancer; ovarian cancer to be specific here.

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You’ll be surprised to know that only 20% of the cases of ovarian cancer are found early enough to treat the disease.

Well, combining your observations along with some other factors, here are some early warning signs you must keep an eye on. Do not jump to conclusion too early, but also keep an eye on what’s wrong with your bodily system. Here are the 5 most common early symptoms of ovarian cancer that every woman must know! Share.

1Excessive Bloating

Well, normal bloating now and then with certain kinds of foods is okay, but if you feel bloated persistently, almost three (or more) weeks at a stretch, whereas, it never happened that frequently before, you must schedule a visit to your doctor to see this through! Get yourself checked up thoroughly. Excessive and persistent bloating could be one of the most common signs of ovarian cancer. Do not ignore it.