10 Reasons You Must Keep Coconut Oil in Your Bathroom

Coconut oil doesn’t cease to amaze. It boasts a plethora of health benefits and nourishing properties, exotic and gentle taste and alluring smell. If you aren’t using it in your bathroom yet, start today. Here are some of the top uses of coconut oil in cosmetics and body care. It’s great when what you eat can also be used to protect and enhance your health and appearance! Unrefined, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil is your best option and should always be used when taken internally. Here are 10 uses of coconut oil in your bathroom.

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1Best Skin Moisturizer

This is the most obvious and common use of coconut oil. When applied after shower, it makes your skin soft and shiny. It reduces scarring and stretch marks and rejuvenates the skin. At first, it tends to have a greasier consistency, but it quickly absorbs into the skin. Another option is to use coconut oil as a carrier with the best essential oils for healthy skin. Coconut oil can also be used for the face and actually makes your skin less oily by pulling out the dirt and unclogging the pores. Start with a small quantity (a pea size) and apply around your eyes and face, and even your lips if they are dry and chapped. And don’t forget you can extend the use of coconut oil into your bedroom and use it as a massage lotion or a lubricant (coconut oil is one of the best home remedies for vaginal dryness).